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Thursday, August 16, 2012

EIM Merge Process Overview

  • This process merges multiple records into one surviving record.
  • During Merge Process we identify the Parent record and Child records to be merged into that.
  • Records loaded in the identified interface table are matched against the corresponding base tables based on the user primary keys.
  • All the references (ROW_ID) of Child records will be replaced by parent record and Child records will be deleted.
  • While Populating the EIM ,IF_ROW_MERGE_ID is used to distinguish between  parent and child records by EIM process.

An Overview to EIM Process

There are four types of process in EIM. They are :-
  • Import Process.
  • Export Process.
  • Delete Process.
  • Merge Process.

Import Process

  • Import Process is basically used to Insert or Update the data from external system into the Siebel base tables.
  • Identify and validate the data to be imported.
  • Identify the column mappings and user key columns of the data to be imported.
  • Import the data in the order of the business model.
  • Set the value of IF_ROW_STAT to FOR_IMPORT before load which will get changed to IMPORTED after process successfully commits.

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Merge Process Parameters in IFB

These are the parameters which are only applicable to EIM Merge process and are written with in the Process section in an IFB file used for merge process. They are :-


  • This parameter specifies whether to enable the set based logging.
  • When enabled, a separate log entry will be generated for all the rows in each table that were processed by EIM. This allows greater performance.
  • When disabled, each and every row processed by EIM will have an entry in the transaction table.
  • Valid values are TRUE or FALSE.
  • Default value is TRUE.