Thursday, November 22, 2012

IFB to delete all records from S_ORG_EXT table that were created on the previous day

Presently I came across one of my friend's requirement for an IFB to delete all records from S_ORG_EXT table that were created on the previous day and with value of SRV_PROVDR_FLG as Y, so that IFB can be scheduled to run on a particular interval and delete process can be automated.

Here, I am sharing it with you guys and you can make use of it on any table and for deleting records in any time period just by changing the parameters given, as per your requirement.

Monday, October 15, 2012

How to Load Responsibilities and Views through EIM

Lets create three temporary tables firstly, say TEMP_VIEW,TEMP_RESP and TEMP_VIEW_RESP. These tables can be used as below :-

TEMP_VIEW - to store information about Views such as view name and view description
TEMP_RESP - to store information about Responsibilities such as responsibility name, responsibility description and responsibility organization.
TEMP_VIEW_RESP - to store views and their associated responsibilities.

At first, you have import data to load to these temporary tables. From these temporary tables data should be imported into the interface tables in three stages. At first, you have to import the views to 'S_APP_VIEW', then responsibilities to 'S_RESP' and then have to populate inter table 'S_APP_VIEW_RESP' with view-responsibility association information.

Let's below look into the script used for loading the Views and Responsibilities:-

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Export All Rows IFB File

Here, Let's look at the IFB file which can be used to export entire records from a Siebel base table. For that, you have to just include the parameter 'EXPORT ALL ROWS' in the IFB file and its value should be set to true. 
Here is the IFB file to be used :-

[Siebel Interface Manager]


Export Matches IFB File

Here, Let's look at the IFB file which can be used to export certain amount of records that matches a condition.If u need only some specific records to be exported from a Siebel database, you can make use of this.

The thing you have to do is, you have to specify the SQL statement to select the specific records needed with in the 'EXPORT MATCHES' parameter in the IFB.
Here is the IFB file used :-

[Siebel Interface Manager]

Thursday, August 16, 2012

EIM Interview Questions

Q 1 : When I tried to set the primary employee for the position through EIM, it is not getting updated. Why?
Ans :
While updating the primary employee for position, apart from setting the POSTN_PR_EMP column in the EIM table, you should also define the MISC SQL parameter in your IFB file.

Q 2 : Although setting the trace flags, I’m not able to see log information in the log file. Why?
Ans :
You should configure your component event levels as described below :-

                               Event Type                                                  Log Level
                            ----------------------                                              ---------------
                            SQL Tracing                                                          4
                            SQL Summary                                                      4
                            Task Configuration                                                 4
                            Component Tracing                                                3

Q 3 : What does IFB stands for?
Ans :
IFB stands for InterFace Builder.

Q 4 : Can I use more than one IFB file for an EIM process?
Ans :
No, it’s not possible. You can use shell process in case if you want to do more than one operation in a single EIM task.

EIM Merge Process Overview

  • This process merges multiple records into one surviving record.
  • During Merge Process we identify the Parent record and Child records to be merged into that.
  • Records loaded in the identified interface table are matched against the corresponding base tables based on the user primary keys.
  • All the references (ROW_ID) of Child records will be replaced by parent record and Child records will be deleted.
  • While Populating the EIM ,IF_ROW_MERGE_ID is used to distinguish between  parent and child records by EIM process.