Monday, October 15, 2012

How to Load Responsibilities and Views through EIM

Lets create three temporary tables firstly, say TEMP_VIEW,TEMP_RESP and TEMP_VIEW_RESP. These tables can be used as below :-

TEMP_VIEW - to store information about Views such as view name and view description
TEMP_RESP - to store information about Responsibilities such as responsibility name, responsibility description and responsibility organization.
TEMP_VIEW_RESP - to store views and their associated responsibilities.

At first, you have import data to load to these temporary tables. From these temporary tables data should be imported into the interface tables in three stages. At first, you have to import the views to 'S_APP_VIEW', then responsibilities to 'S_RESP' and then have to populate inter table 'S_APP_VIEW_RESP' with view-responsibility association information.

Let's below look into the script used for loading the Views and Responsibilities:-