Thursday, August 16, 2012

EIM Merge Process Overview

  • This process merges multiple records into one surviving record.
  • During Merge Process we identify the Parent record and Child records to be merged into that.
  • Records loaded in the identified interface table are matched against the corresponding base tables based on the user primary keys.
  • All the references (ROW_ID) of Child records will be replaced by parent record and Child records will be deleted.
  • While Populating the EIM ,IF_ROW_MERGE_ID is used to distinguish between  parent and child records by EIM process.
  • For the Merge process, the surviving record will have a null value in the IF_ROW_MERGE_ID column. The records that has to merged into the survivor record (i.e. to be deleted from the system) will have the ROW_ID of the survivor record (EIM tables) as the value in its IF_ROW_MERGE_ID column.
  • Only records having a user primary key can be merged.
  • All the child records and the intersection table records for the deleted records will now point its reference to the surviving record after the merge process.
  • Only the target base table records can be merged.

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