Wednesday, July 25, 2012

EIM Configuration File (IFB File)

An EIM process reads a configuration file, where different kinds of parameters are set for an EIM process. The configuration file, in short IFB file, defines the type of process, EIM table involved, batch number, and lots of other parameters.

An IFB file has two sections :-
  1. Header Section.
  2. Process Section.

Header Section

The header section defines the parameters that are common to all the processes defined in the file. 

Process Section

The process section defines parameters which are specific to that particular section.

The IFB file is stored in the <SIEBSRVR>\ADMIN path, from where the EIM task reads. If this file is not stored in this directory prior running EIM task, the absolute path of the file has to be specified in the task. If not, an error will be thrown.

These EIM parameters used in an IFB are classified as follows:
  • General Header Parameters.
  • General Process Parameters.
  • Import Process Parameters.
  • Export Process Parameters.
  • Delete Process Parameters.
  • Merge Process Parameters.

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