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Thursday, November 22, 2012

IFB to delete all records from S_ORG_EXT table that were created on the previous day

Presently I came across one of my friend's requirement for an IFB to delete all records from S_ORG_EXT table that were created on the previous day and with value of SRV_PROVDR_FLG as Y, so that IFB can be scheduled to run on a particular interval and delete process can be automated.

Here, I am sharing it with you guys and you can make use of it on any table and for deleting records in any time period just by changing the parameters given, as per your requirement.

Thursday, August 16, 2012

EIM Delete Process Overview

  • This process deletes the records from the Siebel base tables.
  • Deletes records from the base table by identifying the records in the base on the basis of the user keys specified in the corresponding interface table.
  • Deletes all records from the Siebel base table if the parameter DELETE ALL ROWS is specified as true. For this process the records are not populated in the interface table. Even if the records are populated on using this parameter EIM component skips these records and proceed by deleting all the rows in the given base table
  • If  the DELETE MATCHES parameter is specified then only those records are deleted that matches the condition in the WHERE clause.  
  • On successful deletion the IF_ROW_STAT column of the interface table will have the status as DELETED.

An Overview to EIM Process

There are four types of process in EIM. They are :-
  • Import Process.
  • Export Process.
  • Delete Process.
  • Merge Process.

Import Process

  • Import Process is basically used to Insert or Update the data from external system into the Siebel base tables.
  • Identify and validate the data to be imported.
  • Identify the column mappings and user key columns of the data to be imported.
  • Import the data in the order of the business model.
  • Set the value of IF_ROW_STAT to FOR_IMPORT before load which will get changed to IMPORTED after process successfully commits.

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Delete Process Parameters in IFB

These are the parameters which are only applicable to EIM Delete process and are written with in the Process section in an IFB file used for delete process. They are :-


  • Optional parameter that tells whether to delete the child records when a parent record is deleted.
  • Valid values are TRUE or FALSE.
  • Default value is FALSE.
  • If set to FALSE, EIM deletes the parent record and sets the foreign key column in the child records to NULL.