Thursday, August 16, 2012

EIM Export Process Overview

  • This process allows to pull the existing records from the Siebel base tables.
  • The interface table need to be correctly identified.
  • Create the configuration file with suitable parameters as in EXPORT ALL or EXPORT MATCHES according to the requirement
  • Start the EIM job manually by logging into the application and navigating to Administration – Server or via the command line.
  • As the process starts the EIM component picks up the records in the EIM table and scans the base table to see if the combination of the user keys  populated on the EIM table record exist in the base table and exports the record from the base table to the EIM table and if EXPORT ALL parameter is mentioned all the records in the corresponding base table is exported.
  • If a record is exported from all the base tables successfully then the IF_ROW_STAT is set as EXPORTED and IF_ROW_STAT_NUM will have value as ‘0’.
  • If EXPORT ALL ROWS parameter is specified in the configuration file then the parameter EXPORT MATCHES and the records existing in the EIM table is ignored.
  • Preserved Column Values - The values for the LAST_UPD and CREATED columns in the interface tables will always contain the values for the LAST_UPD and CREATED columns from the target  base table.

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