Tuesday, July 24, 2012

An Overview on EIM Functions and its requirements

Siebel EIM can be used to achieve four kinds of functionality in which all the functions deal with the data directly. The functions are :-
  • Import new and revised data into Siebel Base Tables.
  • Export existing data from Siebel Base Tables.
  • Delete existing data from Siebel Base Tables.
  • Merge existing data in Siebel Base Tables.

Importing Data

Data importing comes into picture under following business requirements:
  • Initial implementation of Siebel application (Loading product data from the legacy database).
  • Maintaining the Siebel database in long run (Importing archived data).
  • Periodical updating of data into Siebel database from a non Siebel database.

Exporting Data

Data exporting is done under the following business requirements:
  • Transferring Siebel data to a non Siebel applications.
  • Archival of data.

Deleting Data

In the process of maintaining Siebel database, you will land up on certain requirements where you need to delete the existing data like removal of obsolete data. 
Ex: Obsolete products.

Merging Data

Merging of data arises in situations where you need to de-duplicate (removal of duplicates) the data.

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