Wednesday, July 18, 2012

An Introduction to EIM

EIM stands for Enterprise Integration Manager. Siebel EIM is a process provided by the Siebel CRM package, in order to import the legacy data, export, delete or merge existing data. It is a SIEBEL Component which is used for Data Migration from legacy as well as other Siebel systems. EIM is much fascinating and challenging as area in Siebel to work on.

Why EIM:

Siebel has very unique and complicated Database structure which already has relationship defined between 'n' number of tables and hence it is not recommended to insert, delete or update data stored in what is known as Base Tables in Siebel. During migration, lot of things can happen which can lead to data integrity issues. To answer all those concerns Siebel has provided EIM.
For most of base tables in Siebel, an EIM table is also in existence which allows you to play with data and perform thing that you normally wouldn’t want to perform on base tables. So, you can import-export data to and from EIM tables.

EIM is mainly used :
  • To Import bulk amounts of data from external sources to base table.
  • To Delete bulk amounts of data.
  • To Update bulk amounts of data.

We can perform following operations in EIM:
       a) Insert
       b) Update
       c) Merge
       d) Delete

Once the data manipulation and scrubbing is complete, we can import that data in base tables. Siebel EIM component takes care of things like Foreign Key, Composite Keys, User Keys and also issues related with data integrity.

The source of data can be dat files, CSV files or any other kind of legacy database. So as the process, we need to push data to these interface tables using third party tool like SQL Developer, Informatica etc and then have to migrate data to Siebel base tables using EIM component.

Main Responsibilities of an EIM guy are:
  • Identifying and creating mapping between EIM and Base Tables.
  • Cleansing of data to be imported.
  • Loading of data in EIM tables.
  • Running EIM batch job.

To be successful in EIM, one must be aware of basic understanding of  SQL and should have interest in database. It is really a challenging job but only when you are ready to exhibit your dedication and hard work.

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